How many of Google only, users have ever tested to see how often or even if, it brings up the best results in finding the most relevant websites for their enquiry?

My betting is that 90 something % of Google only uses have never bothered to take the time to find out whether or not, they are getting the best outcome for their time and effort.

So powerful had Google become ‘Google it’ is now a formal term for "searching the internet".

So! why does it matter if Google doesn't do a very good job in giving you access to the very best of information that is available to you?

Well I just happen to think that it is the decision of the masses that manage this planet, BUT if the masses are delivered, inferior information, the masses will make inferior decisions and inferior decisions by the masses don't just affect the masses, they affect everybody.

Well, how many search engines, do you have to choose from?- about  250+ last time I looked and what the alternative to a giant commerical entity dominating access to to the 500+million web sites of the world?

Well try this