In 2000 I fought a David and Goliath battle with Brisbane City Council of Queensland Australia for the right to retain the domain name I was successful in that aspect and proceeded to convert that domain name in to a directory site for that city.

Despite having the domain name "" and having a site relevant to that place I cannot rate within the first 20 pages of Google when searched under the words "Brisbane City"

Wow you would think that if you had a domian name for a place and had a site about that place that when a search was conducted using the name of that place you would at least have to rate on the first page of the search, but apparrently not.

I guess my failure to rate a place anywhere in Google may have something to do with my reluctance to pay for the privillage.

Now you may argue that a powerfull entity like Brisbane City Council of Queensland Australia is entitled to rate No.1 on such a search for "brisbane city" as they are a authority responsible for governance of the area but what about poor old Brisbane City in the USA where do they sit in the search stakes?

Well until reciently nowhere in sight.-Good to know Google is not parochical at least.

I also find it facinating that I can get several page in a Google if I used "Warren Bolton Consulting PL" as the case was a landmark domain name case which settled the geogrampical arguement once and for all but as for finding my web site for the domain name for the city-forget it-unless I am prepared to open a very big wallet.